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January 23, 2010


frank bowne

Tried the RR and it looks very good. There are small "breaks" at I think where a rail line bends slightly that don't appear when using the standard Autocad tracks symbology. Thanks for the sample display model.

Donald Duck

Hello everybody,

can I use this enhanced stylization for lines also in AutoCAD Map? Maybe in the near future? This would be really helpful.



Thanks! This article is quite informative.

I am using Autodesk Map Enterprise 2012 on Windows 7 Professional.

I need to create a line style with a arrow head at the end and a Circle at the beginning with some shapes in between the end points getting repeated(i.e. not the arrow and the circle). This is needed to differentiate certain set of sewers from the rest.


Is it possible to specify a block and align it with the direction of the line in the above specification?

Account Deleted

It's possible to use a block in a line style with AngleControl equal to FromGeometry, but I think you want a different symbolization at the start and end points - which would require a point feature to be symbolized separately.

Steve Braddock

This is very interesting. Would it be possible to create an enhanced style for power line conductors that would use phase letter attributes to make the line look like multi-lines in parallel with each other, colored red for A phase blue for B phase and green for C phase and center some text with the associated circuit designation.

So for a three phase conductor on C7 circuit it would be three parallel lines, red blue green, with the text C7 centered along its length.

If it was two phases only two parallel line colors would display with the circuit text centered along its length and only one colored line if it were single phase.

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